How to Use Social Media to Build Your San Diego Locksmith Business

San Diego locksmiths in general tend to underestimate the power of the social

media. There are many reasons for this. San Diego locksmiths operate in a very

traditional business, and don’t really understand online marketing and social media

marketing, or the importance of being visible online.

They tend to neglect social media – as compared to paid per click advertising –

because social media does not generate direct leads in the same manner. Also,

many San Diego locksmiths simply do not have the time for social media marketing

and have little clue on how it is done.

Indeed, for many San Diego locksmith companies, setting up something as simple

as a Facebook business page is a challenge. This has to change. As a

San Diegolocksmith

, you should know that the social media is a great tool for building your

authority in the industry and is great for brand building. It really helps you engage

with your customers in a more effective manner and respond to their concerns inreal time.

The social media makes it much easier for you to offer discounts and giveaways to

customers, spread promos and adverts, and reach out to more people in short time.

While the social media does work as a direct source of leads, it does contribute to

lead generation over the long term.

As a San Diego locksmith, you should focus on two social media sites in particular –

YouTube, which is the world’s most popular video sharing site and Facebook, the

world’s most popular social network.

San Diego locksmiths tend to underestimate the value of YouTube. YouTube is very

much a part of the social media and YouTube videos are incredibly powerful

marketing tools. YouTube has an audience of over 2 billion and is particularly

popular in the US, where 3 out of 4 people claim to have seen a YouTube video.

You should have a YouTube channel of your own, with an introductory video,

recorded promotional content, video testimonials from real customers and a

recording that shows you at work. This is a great way to build credibility for your


Now, let’s talk about marketing on Facebook. Facebook is absolutely essential to

your business; after all, it is the world’s biggest social network with an audience of

2 billion. There are two types of pages on Facebook – the traditional personal page,

which most people are familiar with, and the Facebook Business Page.

Setting up a Facebook Business page is an absolute must for your locksmith

business in San Diego. Your business page serves as a very important citation and

indicates a high level of authority which helps a great deal with your SEO and

boosts the online visibility of your business.

Don’t restrict yourself to Facebook. You should set up profiles on all important

social media sites such as Google Plus (which has many wonderful benefits for

small businesses), LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram.

Hire a social media consultant if you don’t have the time to manage so many social

media profiles. Social media management tools such as HootSuite allow you to

schedule and automate your posts across multiple social media sites and save a lot

of time and effort. Use the social media as a tool to take your

San Diego locksmith business to the next level.

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