Depression Quotes About Him


Is the sky your limit of strength? For my limit is the amount of constellations and stars in the universe.


It will be beautiful when your high esteem and self-love give your hands to your heart and embrace your happiness together.

“We could hear our silences scream together.”


Maybe the call for help is in the deepest silence.


I am not the villain of history, but there is no sanctity in my thoughts. For when you threw me on the floor, it was my choice to stand up, but I would rather keep myself subject to your selfish desires.


Darkness has the power to ward off the evil that torments my soul, it can hide them within its vast darkness. But each of them turn to torment me in the mirror, for all the monsters of which I am afraid, Are in me.
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Porcelain skin, princess hair. I never thought I’d need this to get into an asylum. But here I am surrounded by sadists who applaud my pain. And my only hope is to leave this place in fear of having defects Because I will not be alone.


To assume a depressive state is for her the same as abandoning the abilities of the wonder woman; For him, is to give up the cover of the super man! This is “human being”


The most important person to convince you that you are well is yourself!


“Metamorphosis, transformation.
What can one expect from the future?
if there is widespread depression,
The lonely man is the prediction”


WATCH OUT! The silence speaks so much, that it can sometimes babble zucchini!


There is no greater risk to living beings than man himself.


The eyes were made to look forward and not just to the feet.


The eyes were made to look forward and not just to the feet.


“When I’m crazy suddenly move away!” (Skank) For his crises are the cause of my madness!!!!
His ‘aged immaturity’ has slowly ended with my youth ”


The cuts on my heart are deeper than those of my wrists


It is easier to shut up the cry of the heart, than to recover stillness and sanity.


Learn to read the letters that destiny writes you or the path of thorns will suit you.


The lover who does not say what he feels for a loved one dies every sunset and revives, full of the same hope, each spring.


Suicide is not an option; life is NOT a game … But it should be treated as such, because when you lose in a game you do not kill yourself, you ball a different strategy and then back to the game!


Our life is made up of ups and downs, but there are hours that we go at the lowest level that we can endure, it joins a series of events that makes us weak and impotent before the life and that is where the depression installs and takes care of Our whole being.


The best day of our lives is today!


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