DBB and DIB Ball Valve In API 6D Standard

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DBB and DIB Ball Valves in API 6D Standard

What is actually valve? Valve is a tool to set up the flow of fluid by opening, closing, and obstructing some of the stream. One of the easy examples is faucet in your home. Yes, you can let the water flow and stop just by spinning it around for a certain degree of rotation. Of course, valve is more than that. There are many places that need it to ease the process of fluid’s flow. It is basically in the pipe installation particularly for industry and other sites like boat, bilge, sanitary and more. From many types of valve we know, there are some types namely DBB and DIB Ball Valves for being used in the API 6D Standard. What are they?

DBB Ball Valve

DBB actually stands for Double Block and Bleed. It is a sort of valve system that makes available of reliable isolation particularly in critical areas. It needs double system since the area may not be able to be handled by the single one. According to API 6D, this valve provides a seal to block the pressure for not only an end but two. There is no clear description what areas that should use DBB Ball Valve. In fact, any area has the same possibility to apply it as long as the stream or flow is strong enough of the flow is coming from two sides.

Although such a valve product is considered as new, it seems that many sectors have used it to support their field work programs. Yes, DBB Ball Valve is widely used in industry, marine, navigation, construction, hospitality, and mining sector. Surprisingly, the valve is also recommended for housing and personal household. Sure, there are some requirements like have been mentioned above that make the houses are requiring to use the DBB Ball Valve.

DIB Ball Valve

On the other hand, DIB is in contrast with DBB. API 6D defines it as a single with two seating surfaces. Each of them is functioned to provide a seal to block pressure from only a single source in the close position. The usage of DIB is also depending on the areas whether they need only one seal. In general, there are still two seating surfaces available but only with a single seal. The cavity for venting is located between the seating. Then, the feature can be placed whether only in one or two directions.


It is not necessary to compare DIB and DBB although for some cases DBB looks more beneficial. It is a good fact that both DBB and DIB is able to provide isolation in upstream and downstream directions. Besides, both also can handle any situation even in the high pressure or temperature. The difference is only place on the seal term. Besides, they should be differently applied based on the related areas. If you need to buy the valve for whatever it will be used including the Kp-Lok double block and bleed valve, just make sure to find it in the trusted place so that your needs can be fulfilled in more satisfying way.